Only register in the event of an incident on your product (breakage or crack). There is no need to register after the purchase of your product.
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The lifetime warranty applies to all new Tiger Glass Plus and Tiger Case products. Only the (non-professional with the exception of fleets established in companies) customer, who has purchased a Tiger Glass Plus and Tiger Case product or is in possession of a Tiger Glass Plus and Tiger Case product, can benefit from the lifetime warranty (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer).

It is limited to one product exchange per year.

In addition to this lifetime warranty, legal warranties also apply, as provided by the provisions of the French Civil Code (articles 1641 and 1648, al. 1) and the French Consumer Code (Articles L.217-4, L.217-5, L.217-12 and L.217-16). The lifetime warranty applies only to products purchased in France, Spain, Belgium and Portugal. For any other country, contact the local dealer for warranty terms applicable to that product.


The lifetime warranty is valid during the period during which the Buyer owns the product. It can only be exercised by the latter once a year. The lifetime warranty covers all defects in materials and workmanship for use under normal conditions in accordance with the instructions for use.


If the buyer needs to use the warranty for his defective product, the Buyer must register its product at the following address: https://tiger-warranty.com in the “MY WARRANTY” section . Proof of purchase must be uploaded during registration. An email confirming the registration will be sent to the Buyer. If all requirements are met, a BRV (sales return voucher) number will be issued with the return procedure. The Buyer will then send the product via registred and/or followed mail to the Tiger Glass Plus/Tiger Case Service center while complying with the following recommendations: the sales return voucher number must be marked on the outside of the product packaging; the Tiger Glass Plus/Tiger Case product must be packed properly for safe shipping and postage. The Purchaser is responsible for the losses, damages, impairments etc. suffered by the product until the product is received by the Tiger Glass Plus/Tiger Case Service center. After review of the product, Ascendeo France will send an acceptation or refusal of the product coverage.


The lifetime warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidents, misuse, neglect, fire, contact with liquid or any other external cause, damage of any nature whatsoever i) misuse or non-compliance with the instructions for use, ii) use with another product iii) repair or maintenance by a person not authorised by ascendeo France. Also excluded from the lifetime warranty are stolen products or non-genuine Tiger Glass Plus/Tiger Case products. Such products will not be returned to the sender. With regard to tempered glass, the following reasons for return by the Buyer cannot also be covered by the lifetime warranty: glass detachment due to poor installation, presence of bubbles on the glass due to poor installation, scratches on the glass, lack of compatibility with a case. With regard to cases, the following reasons for return by the Buyer will also not be covered by the lifetime warranty: lack of compatibility, poor fit, wear, fingermarks, yellowing.

The lifetime warranty is valid during the period when initial buyer is the owner of the products (hereinafter referred to as the Buyer) In the event that the product stops being manufactured, the Tiger Glass Plus and Tiger Case warranty is limited to five (5) years from the manufacturing interruption of the product. The only Ascendeo France obligation as part of this guarantee, will be at his convenience and his charges to exchange the damaged products returned by the Buyer.

If this exchange option is neither available, nor possible, Ascendeo France will proceed to a partial or full reimbursement of the Buyer for the damaged products, taking into account the number of years that products have been sold on the market.

The damaged products that have been returned and handled by Tiger Glass+/Tiger case warranty will become Ascendeo France’s property. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, ascendeo France excludes for itself and its resellers and suppliers any liability, whether contractual or tort (including negligence), for direct or indirect damages.